Monday, February 23, 2009

lowongan perawat

saat ini ada lowongan untuk perawat pria atau wanita lulusan spk/akper.
di klinik cipulir 1. klinik 24 jam di jalan panjang-cidodol no.8 kebayoran lama jaksel.
jika ada yang berminat bisa mengirimkan lamaran ke baca selengkapnya...

Friday, February 20, 2009


have you know about ezdia?. you must know it know. ezdia is more than a networking site. there, you can build network around your profesional life. you can trust it because ezdia has special tool to encourage trustworthiness. you can trust someone here.

first, you will see public profile at the person then you have other tool. you can check knowledge bucket that reflect person's personality. you can add something in your knowledge bucket too. if you want, you can seek help for the other and many person ready to help you. there, you can learn, share and give advise to the other.

ezdia also provide messaging and chat. using this tool you can comunicate with your friend and give recomendation and also you can use this to build up trust. if you want a job as freelancer, i think this site is great for you. i belive ezdia will give back something to you. if you are interesting you just visit this link. baca selengkapnya...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

free press release

if you are journalist or if you like writing maybe you interest visit this site free press release . you can submit your articles there.. baca selengkapnya...

the radiology technician

we know radiology usually use for medical diagnostic and also treating like patien cancer. i found website about radiology technician. it's very informative, if you want to know more about radiology like MRI, CT-scan etc and the technique. spesialize for radiology technician, you can find information about school, training, course, job and new information about radiology. this is the link Radiology technician . baca selengkapnya...